CMG Consultants

CMG Consultants is an independent, change management facilitator, Human Resources, Health & Safety consultancy and training organisation. It is a consultancy agency, offering advice and practical assistance to businesses/organisations in solving commercial, organisational, human resource, health & safety and management related issues.


CMG Consultants offer a range of services which include:


  1. Human Resources including contracts of employment, employee handbook detailing policies and procedures e.g. Discipline, Grievance, Bullying & Harassment, Internet & Email etc. See further details in section titled Human Resources

  3. Management Services including Job Evaluation, Industrial Engineering, Independent Studies, Mediation, Dispute Resolution etc. See further details in section titled Management Services

  5. Health & Safety including Risk Assessment, Health & Safety Statement etc. See further details in section titled Health & Safety

  7. Training including personal & management development, Human Resource and Health & Safety programmes See further details in section titled Training


Facing and managing change is a major challenge for all organisations. CMG is very aware that each organisation has its own unique requirements. Our services are, therefore, customised to suit each situation and the most appropriate approach is worked out in detail at the outset.